It’s a multi-million dollar home hidden in a discreet laneway, and it just might be the city’s best-kept real estate secret.
The 4,000 square-foot dream home features four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a massive, sun-filled patio.
While the home is in the middle of a bustling Toronto neighbourhood, designer Elaine Cecconi says the four-storey house is so secluded that many visitors have a hard showing up on time.
“I have people come down the lane who still can’t find it,” she tells CTV Toronto’s Dana Levenson.
“It’s that place that you want to go, and get away and hide,” Cecconi said recently as she toured the home and the efficiently laid-out property.
Nestled in the Dundas and Dufferin area of Little Portugal, the state-of-the-art home may not have a big yard, but with an 800-square-foot patio and a custom fireplace, Cecconi isn’t complaining.
Located well off the main road, the privacy helps, too.
“It’s so quiet,” Cecconi said. “It’s amazing.”
Cecconi grew up in the area and wanted to build a dream home which combined cutting edge design with an edgy, urban cool.
In 2003, Cecconi bought a piece of “in fill” property — essentially a lot in an alleyway — and it took two-years of work to get the home built.
The home also boasts an ultra-modern kitchen and a sleek, but cozy, living room. The property is listed on the market for $2,250,000.

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